Safety, Quality and Processing of Fruits and Vegetables

Nowadays, one of the main objectives of the fruit and vegetable industry is to develop
innovative novel products with high quality, safety, and optimal nutritional characteristics in order to
respond with efficiency to the increasing consumer expectations. Various emerging, unconventional
technologies (e.g., pulsed electric field, pulsed light, ultrasound, high pressure, and microwave
drying) enable the processing of fruits and vegetables, increasing their stability while preserving their
thermolabile nutrients, flavour, texture, and overall quality. Some of these technologies can also be
used for waste and by-product valorisation. The application of fast noninvasive methods for process
control is of great importance for the fruit and vegetable industry. The following Special Issue “Safety,
Quality, and Processing of Fruits and Vegetables” consists of 11 papers, which provide a high-value
contribution to the existing knowledge on safety aspects, quality evaluation, and emerging processing
technologies for fruits and vegetables.

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