RTD Coffee alternative food additives

Hello, I’m a University student and for my project i am tasked with designing a food/beverage product. I’m designing a RTD Coffee alternative made from Chicory root powder, coconut milk, coconut sugar, cardamom and ashwagandha. I’m really struggling with the food additives part. I’d need an emulsifier and stabiliser and the ones i have selected are Mono- and diglycerides of fatty acid (E471), sodium alginate (E401) and Gellan gum (E418) but I’m really not sure if this would suffice? I’m also looking into if i need a preservative and looking at sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate. I have to create a formula for the product but struggling to find info on how much of each product to use, any advice also on where to find this information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any help received, feel I’m going around in circles and really struggling.

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" You are struggling as you did not conduct solid background information search about your project.
You are expecting doleouts from other people for relevant information. " which is ethically and intellectualy wrong.

New Product Developers work requires personal diligence on your part not handouts.

Try to clearly understand what you are doing first before you start on a project…Being confused as you are beginner is no excuse…, ask your adviser for guidance how to approach that project ,not guessing around asking advice from.other people that have totally different perspective on project development.
BTW IF food additivess use scares you then read mors about it.
Be awareof the sensory, dose, and toxicological propertiesof such substancesin mind
Be aware of ingredient interactions of your ingredients how it affects the end product.
There is a long hard work ahead ; your food sciencelibrary, your immediate instructor ,the web and your personal conviction that " You can do it ".will lead to positive results.


Good luck with your research!

Let us know if we can help you with your taste profile, especially if you’re looking for sugar-free options. TruSugr™ is currently used in beverages with great success. We work with many caffeine and coffee products and understand the need to mask these earthy, bitter tastes.

The coconut milk and cardamon sound like a lovely combination.

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