Resources for learning more about hydrocolloids and starches?

Hello people,

I would appreciate any resources to help me learn more about gelling and thickening agents. Mainly I’m interested in learning the following:

  • Types of thickeners and stabilizers for increasing viscosity in cold liquids (i.e. sauces, beverages)
  • Types of gel-forming agents for a soft, clean gel
  • Types of gel-forming agents for a firm, bouncy, clean gel
  • Types of gel-forming agents for a firm, elastic, sticky gel
  • Types of clean, non-slimy binders for meat and meat analogue products

For all of the above, I would greatly appreciate resources about their:

  • Application procedures and parameters (e.g. usage level, pH, temperature, buffers, activators)
  • Thermodynamics
  • Cost and supply chain aspects
  • Mechanism behind their gelling/thickening properties

Thank you ahead for pointing any learning resources and any of your input!

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check this.


comprehensive books on hydrocolloids…
Try these maybe you can find answers manynof those questions you posed…
Handbook of hydrocolloids by Phillips and Williams
Hydrocolloids in food processor by Thomas Laaman

There are journals and periodicals in hydrocolloids and texture science…you can dig thaf up…