Request for Reference Materials: Compound Chocolate Manufacturing

Good day FST Colleagues,

Will it be possible if you can please share your reference materials (preferably electronic copy) in relation to Compound Chocolate Manufacturing

Thank you in advance!

These ebooks are not free…you have to buy it. if you want to get it immediately.

if not and you have much free time
you might get lucky if you are diligent in websearch to stumble upon free older edition of it .

Industrial Chocolate Manufacture and Use
by Stephen Beckett now in 4th edition

Confectionery and Chocolate Engineering ( Principles and practices) by Ferenc A. Mohos

Chocolate Science and Technology by Emmanuel Afokwa

Science And Technology of Enrobed and Filled Chocolate, Confectionery and Bakery Products by
Geoff Talbot

Good Luck .

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Pm me, i will email those books in pdf for free if you like.
Scientific books should be free, knowledge should be shared equally

So you are ignoring the vast effort and expense the author and the sponsors respectively did to make these books a reality.?

I also love freebies but conscentiouslly if you are IN the shoes of these guys would the just give it for anyone .after stupendous i effort being made for publication of such materials…

I am not saying in the absolute sense that you should buy it.The web has many nuggets and surprises for the diligent information searchers.

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Dear Roy
I do agree with you that the authors of these books should be payed in full for their dedication in their art and science, but i disagree with the entire notion of putting such extremely high price on these books. For example encyclopedia of food science and engineering costs around 4000$! And who truly wants and needs to read that book? Mostly young engineering students and researchers who i believe either don’t have such amount of money nor they will ever spend so much on a book even if they had it.
Scientific books should be sponsored and bought by government budget and tax money then given away free of charge for use by researchers and students, that is what i believe in.
I would be gladly share my collection of books with whomever needs and asks for them.