Question about phosphate application on meat

Hi Friends, Just a quick question about phosphate… I understand that phosphate like SHMP as a long -chain phosphate is added in sausage for WHC, chelating, emulsification purpose… But I notice in some products, manufacturers actually use potassium metaphosphate as the polyphosphate in the meat… Could I know what’s the advantage of that? Or if you have experience using Pot metaphosphate is welcomed to discuss under the topic. Much appreciated :slight_smile:


Chemically and generslly potassium ions are more soluble than sodium ions so it the job better .
Thats why in many applications the K salt is favored over the Na salt due to better performance…


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Thanks for the information! :slight_smile:

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I agree, it has very good dissolution speeds in a cold environment. As well, it performs better in concentrated high salt brine and is usually blended with a sodium polyphosphate.


Thanks Amelia, yes actually we blend it with STPP to create a phosphate blend :slight_smile:


I have no experience of meat products development but I read somewhere that Phosphates keeps the meat tender and enhances the juiciness of meat product so the water holding capacity of meat increases.
Is this you need to know…

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