QMSCAPA Software for International and Quality Management Systems



The QMSCAPA single user license is FREE and sponsored by ABCI ISO Consultants

QMSCAPA stands for Quality Management System, Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions. QMSCAPA is a Microsoft Windows compatible computer application, which is designed to generate a CAPA log for a Quality Management System based upon the ISO 9001:2015 Standard, among others.

QMSCAPA includes measurement and monitoring tools, which includes Customer Satisfaction Surveys, On-time Delivery Log & Calculator, Internal Auditing reports, Management Review and more essentials.

Features in Version 1:

Corrective Action Form & Log

Custom CAPA form generator and CAPA report builder

Customer Satisfaction Survey Log & Calculator

FDA 21 CFR 11 & 820 Compliance

Graphical Charts for Quality Measurements, Key Performance Indicators, Customer Feed-back and CAPAs

Internal Audit Plan and Internal Audit Report for multiple standards, including AS9100, AS9110, AS9120, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO 17025, ISO 18001, ISO 22716, ISO 27001, TS 16949.

Management System Dashboard for Measuring & Monitoring Over-all

Performance and/or Quality

Manufacturing & Production Quality Metrics Calculator

Module for logging Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions

Module for logging Customer Complaints and other feedback

Module for maintaining a master document index and revision journal.

Module for logging Non-Conforming Products

Module for recording personnel competencies

Module for evaluating outsources, suppliers and vendors

Module for Employee Training Programs, Training Schedules and verification of training effectiveness

Monitoring and Measuring Device Database

Multilevel access security and control.

On-time Delivery Log & Calculator

Preventive Action Form & Log

Purchasing Quality Metrics Calculator

Risk Assessments and Management (Pre-mitigation & Post-mitigation)

Sales Quality Metrics Calculator

Support for multiple languages

Support for multiple simultaneous users

A Corrective Action Request and Preventative Action Request tracking software system is essential for any quality system. It is a regulatory requirement that the FDA and other international regulatory inspectors and ISO auditors consider mission critical. When implemented properly, a Corrective Action (CAPA) software system improves product quality and safety, increases customer satisfaction, and more importantly, contributes to FDA and ISO compliance.

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