Puff pastry

hi everyone! In the company I work for, we sell puff pastry dough to our customers. When our customer analyzes the puff pastry, the pH level of the product is high. The water and salt values ​​are ideal, but the pH is high. What are the reasons for pH increase during puff pastry storage?

Whats the pH level do you have and what pH value your customer are expecting?

The pH value that should be in the puff pastry is between 5-6. But as a result of the analysis, the pH value was 6.25

Is your puff pastry dough just made basically with flour, salt, pastry margarine and water.? you did not use any acidulant to relax the dough and make it more extensible during lamination…This ingredient itself will make the dough slight acidic

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@elif.karabas35…I agree with @Roy, acidulant are often used in puff pastry production. IF its there a pH increase in the dough upon storage then its likely an unacidulated dough…
Yes Puff paste dough pH should be below 6…it can even go to below 5 in certain formulation

Hi Elif;
I think,

İt can depends other ingredients and sametime oil acid value is very important, other option can be oxidation