Processing for Corn Nut

How to Prepare Whole Corn Fried or Roasted Corn Nut .

Sachin at how much capacity?

Hi Good Morning
300 kg/ Hr. capacity will be required.
Currently We are trying with following Step,
Step 1. Washing and Cleaning of Whole Maize Grain,
Step 2. Cooking of Grain with 1.5 % Lime Solution Grain: Water ( 1: 2 ) up to 80 Degree c temp
Step 3: Soaking of Corn for 48 Hours
step 4. Washing of Corn Removal of Pericarp
Step 5; Frying of Corn Nut in Corn Oil temp 185 Degree c for 5 Minute .
Step 6. Removal of Excess Oil

Remark: texture very Hard non Uniform Frying
Note" We are using Yellow Dent Corn