Omega 6:3 ratio, how much ALA equals EPA+DHA?

ALA has weak effects compared to EPA+DHA.

I wonder how much ALA one would have to eat per 1g of Omega 6. Websites list only Omega 6:3 ration should be kept between 1:1 - 4:1, but they don’t talk in terms of Omega 3 type you are eating! I assume this ratio assumes you eat EPA+DHA. Problem is each agency estimates safety of EPA+DHA on different level, EFSA like 3 g, FDA 5 g, whereas IOM only 1.6g… But Omega 6 RDA is set as high as 17 g!!! I don’t want to go overboard on EPA+DHA, I thought i would help to get closer Omega 6 ratio with eating ALA, problem is how much grams of ALA counts as 1 g of EPA+DHA in terms of Omega 6:3 ratio?\


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