Oil and fats adulteration

can any one share detail note onRapid detection of fat adulteration in bakery products using Raman and near- infrared spectroscopies

My brief understanding about its, is fat is extracted from bakery material with solvent and then analyzed using Raman / NIR spectroscopy and the data analyzed by chemometric multivariate statistics with principal components analysis being the most popular used technique.
Now actually from long experience in bakery technology fat adulteration the least of our concern.As there is not much strict standards of identity in what ever fats are utilized (vegetable shortening, margarine butter,and vegetable oil or blends ).The most important factor in bakery fats is it does the function ot was applied for as: a shortening fat, frying fat, laminating far, biscuit fat, filling fats)…
Globally it’s rare in industrial bakery setting to fastidious with pure fats unless for specialty bakery products for special needs where there is a regulation accordong to a particular requirements, I.e. for vegan, lactose free, etc.


Further if you want detailed explanation then you should read the technical papers from the AOAC,( American Association of Oil Chemists, JAOAC, ( Journal of American agricultural chemists)Fat analysis textbooks ,…I think the web itself had detailed explanation how it’s done.as well .You just need to search…