Non dairy whipping cream frozen

Low fat Whip topping cream (below 10 % fat) is not properly stable after whipping can we increase it.

increase the fat content …

Two approaches you may try

  • replace some of fat with palm kernel stearine. Try 50: 50 of HPKO and PKS to start with .

  • introduce some sodium casenate and carrageenan.

  • or both above.

i want to reduce dat percentage also

Whipped topping contains sufficient fat for it to attain good texture and sensory qualities…
I don’t like the taste of low fat toppings .
Its like Garbage.

Your problem was stability …so I made a few suggestions which I think may be useful in my initial reply…

After u make the cream stable by trying my suggestion or by any other suggestion , then you may proceed to reduce the fat further… As it is a fat content of around 10% is quite low…but for health reasons some people do prefer low fat toppings

Additionally you can also try to incorporate avicel or vivapur coprocessed either with xanthan or guar…this will assist in increasing stability like rosette time and expedite fat agglomeration during whipping hence reducing the whipping time.

Best of luck.

thanks for suggestion.

i will try it