Marshmallows texture improvement

I’m experimenting to make lollipop marshmallows

My ingredients are below;
Potassium Sorbate
Cream Tartar

I want to get a harder and thicker consistency
It should stand more firmly on the rod
what are the your recommendations?

Thank you.

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I was surprised with your marshmallow recipe why you use cream of tartar and maltodextrin as its not commonly used in gelatin based marshmallow.
Whats the purpose of maltodextrin.?
Marshmallow are already acidic, if you put more acid in the form of potassium bitartrate you are weakening the gelatin foam hence your finished marshmallow lack body .
Further what kind of glucose syrup are you using and what’s the bloom strength of your gelatin and how much in the total formula.
What foam.density did you get upon aeration.

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Cream tartar: I tried using it because of its bulking effect
Maltodextrin: I added to the mix on recommendation(should i take them off)
gelatine :%5 I use
Glikoz: Maltoz
what should I do ?

You did not give the specifics of your ingredients I mentioned. .As you are translating everything in Turkish
You did not answer some of my questions …


Which one do you not get an answer?

If you don’t understand my question I will not be of much help to you in exactly solving your problem…

Sugar : 560 gr
glucose(Maltoz) :250 gr
dextrose:87 gr
Salt:3 gr
sorbitol: 50 gr
potassium sorbate: 10 gr
gelatine(220 bloom) : 40 gr

There was not enough foam in my try
has a very sticky consistency
I boiled sugar at 110 degrees
What should I do? I would be glad if you could help.
there is no one here with this information
If you want, I can explain what I did step by step

Now that’s slightly clearer and now understand why you add tartar and maltodextrin,
in order to understand more your process and system
Could you please write the original complete recipe you said before having the cream of tartrar and maltodextrin,
What is this glucose, is it a glucose powder, a glucose syrup, or maltose syrup, whati is the DE value if its a glucoose sryup or maltose syrup?
How did you aerate it with what machine , and what is the density or marhsmallow after beating or aeration before being cast into molds,

my master
I am currently mixing to experiment. I am preparing a total of 1 kg of mixture in a small pot.
If I can get the consistency I want, I will buy the necessary machines.
I boil sugar and glucose at 110 degrees, add other ingredients and whisk
but it fades when it is full of foam and becomes creamy
dextrose powder
maltose and sorbitol syrup
I will write you their values too
A product I took as an example contained cream tartar and maltodextrin.
There was no foam when I tried this way
Is my mixture recipe or my mixing method wrong?
I respect you very much
Thank you

Write also the total solids or Brix readings with a refractometer.
Whats machine are you using to beat the mixture.
What temperature of you syrup when you add the gelatin.Did you dissolve the gelatin in hot water.?

Explain in detail the steps of your process…From start to finish.
As the bits 9f information you provided does not show how you make marshmallow.
Bu knowing your process including the parameters and values. Like
1.syrup temperature before aeration.
2. Syrup total solid after cooking ( Brix readings)
3.methodv of using gelatin hydration and incorporation.
4. Aeration/ beating ( machines used)
5. Density of the marshmallow cream after aeration.
6. Amount of added cream of tartar and maltodextrin.

Sugar 500
Glucose 275
Dextrose 100
Sorbitol 30
Gelatine 40
Salt 3
Cream Tartar(E336) 1,5
Milk powder 25
Potassium Sorbate 2
MaltoDextrin 25
Sugar Boiling Point 110
100ml water For sugar
For 120 ml Water Gelatin
Whisk start degree 60
Birx Value 78 Mix

13 minutes of whisking
Product foam rate is low
Very dense consistency

Can MaltoDextrin and gelatin be too much?
Dear master
I answered late to get some data right for you

Your recipe is unique, but anyway.
Boil the sugar syrup inclusive of maltodextrin, sorbitol, but without tartar.up to 82-85 % Brix then .add the salt after syrup cooking.
Mix a paste of milk powder and water
Cool syrup below 100 C then add the milk paste and gelatin solution which will cook it down to not lesser than 70C
Beat to a foam.
Get batter gravity.

I will never use cream of tartar if I understand correctly
I’ll try the way you tell and tell you the information of it

When I get the foam I want, my product will come to the lightness I want.

BTW you used milk powder is it whole milk or skim milk powder?

I used skimmed milk powder

my master
I tried according to the order you explained, the result is good
only the mixture gives a very strong elastic structure
cubic centimeter weight dropped by 0.60 g
what could be the reason for this strong structure

Whats your Brix readings of your boiled syrup after cooking and the Brix reading of the foamed marshmallow?
Once we know more details we can suggest modifications in your mallow recipe to reduce if not remove that elastic nature.

My master
solution excluding gelatin and milk powder : Brix 87
After mixing milk powder and gelatin: Brix 85
after whisking: Brix 80
Is it normal for Brix to drop after whisking?
I like this structure. It holds the handle that I wear.
Will I be able to get the same structure again?
i’m making her try