Looking for feedback from people who created a smartphone app

Hello everyone !

I want to create an smartphone application that helps the user to adopt an healthy diet.

If you have created a smartphone application, or have general knowledge about it, I’d like to hear your feedback, especially on the following topics:

  • How many people, including you, worked on the project ? What were your roles ?
  • What is your business model ? If your app serves as an intermediate to sell products from other companies, what percentage do you take on those transactions?
  • Did you develop the application yourself, or did you hire someone to do it?
  • If you developed it yourself, what language/technologies did you use? How do you connect to third-party systems?
  • If you hired someone else, was it a freelance or a bigger company? What would you recommend?

Tank you in advance for your feedback !

Have you posted the inquiry on other social media platforms?

Yes, on a community dedicated to finding jobs and creating companies.

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