Lemon pickle packages accumulating gas

I have prepared lemon pickles and put them in sealed plastic bags for sale. But 30% of bags have started accumulating gas inside. What should I do to avoid this?

In Pickle preparation there comes a time where fermentation occurs due to the presence of lactic bacteria so it generates gases… If you don’t want such gases you can sterilize or pasteurize the lemon pickle before packing it to inactivate the microbes responsible for it,

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The accumulation of gas is due to fermentation process by LAB microorganisms in pickles. Contamination during packaging can also be a reason for gases especially by fecal coliform due to handling. I would suggest asceptic packaging and maybe pasteurization of pickles before packaging… Hope this helps

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Thanks for reply. Not all packages are becoming like that. Just 30% of it is getting like this. Pickles are not added with any preservatives or anything. What should I do to prevent this? What should be the next step?

If all packages are effectively sterilized then there will be no defect whatsoever…

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Alright thanks