Leaf Protein Isolate

Hello everyone,
We are developing a a method to extract RuBisCo protein from leaves. We want to know

  1. What is the industrial feasible method to extract the protein

  2. How could we dechlorophyllise the leaf protein.

Please provide reference of an expert if you know.

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The most common industrial method for extracting RuBisCo protein from leaves is through the use of aqueous extraction, often combined with centrifugation to separate the protein from other cellular components.

To dechlorophyllize the leaf protein, one method is to use aqueous or organic solvent extraction, followed by centrifugation and chromatography to separate the chlorophyll from the protein. Another method is to use a method called acid or alkali treatment.

One expert in the field of RuBisCo protein extraction is Dr. Julian Eaton-Rye from the University of Western Ontario. He has published several articles on the topic, including “Methods for isolation and characterization of ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase” (Assessment of the trophic state of a hypersaline-carbonatic environment: Vermelha Lagoon (Brazil) - PMC)

It may help you


Prashant Ji,
I really appreciate your expertise on the give topic and reference you provided. I am thankful for the support and definately following your shared information.

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