Labelling Details on Inner packs of Multi unit packages

What are the minimum labelling requirements on inner packets of Multi unit package?
Like, is it necessary to mention batch code mfg and expiry dates on inner packs too?

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it depends on your country’s regulations. please check it.

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In EU what really matters is the selling unit. So if it’s a multipack and the single item in the multipack cannot be sold separately, on the inner label you can place what you like. Most companies use to place there the best before date and the lot number, at least. If you are adopting a “use by” date for highly perishable products, this is the only particular mandatory also on the inner label of a multipack. Check Regulation EU 1169/2011 on Eur-Lex website.


In India as per FOOD SAFETY AND STANDARDS (LABELLING AND DISPLAY) REGULATIONS, 2020, as per clause 4(8), ‘Where a package is provided with an outside container or wrapper and such
container or wrapper is displayed for retail sale, it shall also contain all the declarations
which are required to appear on the package except where such container or wrapper
itself is transparent and the declarations on the package(s) are easily readable through
such outside container or wrapper’. This applies to the “Multi Unit packages” as well.