Is Maltitol safe for kids?

Hello All,

May maltitol be considered save for kids? can you please support your the ideas with sources? I couldnt find many articles about maltiol consumption on kids.

we know about the limitation of the dosage at one time. (better consume less than 15g per porsion ) we also know that it helps preventing dental cavities but other than these issues, i couldnt find much.
can you please share your information about the matter?


The limitation of sugar alcohols is i that can cause digestion upset; therefore its the responsibility of the elder or parent to control or limit its consumption to their kids. aa they are not" perfectly "safe for consumption to young people …


other than “digestion upset” issue, are there any other issues you may think of?

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Review the safety issue carefully and think if you had children will you just leave it for themselves.
If food regulations authorities may or may not have inclusive ruling ,but the dose per given bidy weight is self explanatory in itself for a supposed to be intelligent adult like yourself to discern…:wink:

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Hi Fiona,
Great question. I didn’t find any articles speaking to studies on children ingesting maltitol after a brief search, but I was reminded of the Haribo Sugar-free Gummy Bear incidents of 2013.
Read more here (if you want to laugh): Reviews Haribo's Sugarless Gummy Bears

I can’t imagine that’s great for children with those reviews in mind.

Have you looked into Stevia products? Stevia is also being studied for its ability to breakdown the biofilm of Lyme’s disease better than prescribed antibiotics. Stevia can have a bitter, lasting aftertaste, so TruSugr™ blended in bitter blocker technology to product an adored product in Food and Bev.

I’ll post if I find studies on maltitol - specifically with children. Good luck with your projects!

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