Inversion of glucose by enzyme

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As you know, the use of Glucose and Fuructose inverted sugars, known as corn syrup, is common in the world. The main factors in the use of these sugars are that they prolong the shelf life and provide physical advantages to the products they are used in. The fact that there is a lot of interest in these types of sugar has brought corn production to crazy levels in the world.
There is a product in Turkey that has just been completed and whose R&D studies have been terminated. An enzymatic reaction that causes the inversion of sucrose into Glucose and Fructose. It is a sugar that you can use in all food businesses that have to use glucose, including the jam, marmalade and fruit juice sector.
There are many countries and companies that perform enzyme inversion, but with the method they use, this process is carried out under vacuum at high temperatures for as long as 70 hours.
With this new method, the inversion is completely finished in 6 hours at 75 degrees Celsius and the result is obtained. Moreover, since the process is not applied at high temperature, Caramelization does not occur. The HMF value is almost 0 (zero).
For more detailed information, please contact +90 542 775 31 80 Watsapp line. This product is currently licensed in Turkey and has started to be used in the sweet and jam sector.
The use of this product will now eliminate the use of GMO corn syrups in the pharmaceutical industry, especially in syrup production. Every R&D work done in the food industry adds value to the system.

6 hours to invert sucrose enzymatically…?That’s quite long…
The fact is Invert syrup can be made in as short as 30 minutes to one hour, by just simmering concentrated sucrose solution in slightly acidic environments.
Following the simple inversion equation.
C12H22O11 +H2O —> 2 C6H12O6( mixture of glucose and fructose.
Once your cooking time is finished you just add a little solution of sodium bicarbonate to neutralize excess acidity.
Very simple anyone can do it in his own kitchen .
In fact there are many recipes in the web how to DIY invert syrup.
This method is used by pastry cooks,bakers and some confectioners …

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Corn syrup is just glucose syrup made from.corn starch.
High Fructose corn syrup is corn syrup is isomerized by enzyme to a mixture of fructose and glucose .


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:thinking: Hmmmn …
If the main importance of these method is the absence of HMF or hydroxymethyl furfural during the inversion process …
However During its application in jam ,and other confectionery products the mixture is heat treated so there is still HMF produced during processing negating the value of HMF free Invert syrup.
HMF is formed in the breakdown of fructose in acidic environment like jam ,jelly and fruit preserve manufacturing…
So whether you make invert syrup by cooking or by enzymatic process you still get HMF during the other food processing function when you use the syrup.in it…
FYI.even storing honey at ambient condition led to the increase of HMF content…

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