Hydrolyzed vegetable protein stabilization

Hi guys,
I am currently developing a “soy sauce” (naturally flavored, non-fermented, Maggy kind) based on savory natural flavors, vegetable protein hydrolisates, spices, salt , vinegar, and water. After some mixing, the solution is homogenous and completely dissolved. However, after some time left still, a layer separates to the surface. It is sort of foamy but not completely, rather thick liquid compared to the rest of the solution. My sample has around 4% protein. I was investigating the effect of pH (4,2) on the protein thinking that might be the case, and it seems it is making the protein to aggregate and float to surface. Do you think that is true? I have sent this layer to the lab to characterize it. But if it is, I was wondering how can I avoid this while keeping the same recipe with vinegar to not affect the taste? Some sort of stabilization suggestions? Thanks a lot in advance for any input!

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Maybe protein buffer would help…search for it then…