How to increase omega absorption?


I read both omega 3 and 6 are competing for the same enzyme to absorb. So eating one omega lowers absorption of another. I wonder how long to wait before eating other omega type, so its absorption isn’t inhibited by previous absroption of the other omega?


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From what I remember:.
if you consume more omega3 than omega 6, the former is prefered than the latter by the enzymes so it will provide more beneficial redukts .But if you consume more of the omega 6 and less of the omega3 the enzymes will prefer the forner than the latter so more inflammation is forned in the body .

So it depends on the fatty acid ratio which gives benefit or detriment to the body.

Thats why its recommended to consume more of omega 3 than 6.

You should study the biochemistry of these fatty acid and its metabolism…The web had lots of refetence in the metabolusm of these kind of lipids if you just dig deeper…


I was hoping some pundit would answer my question, because this issue is very complicated for layman to go searching! I have also chronic pain and blurred vision I have trouble reading even 1 sentence no joke!!! Also “biochemistry of these fatty acid and its metabolism” is still extensive topic, hard to find what I want.

I was hoping I could get simple guidelines how long time to wait in any scenario before consuming other type of omega! Or some tips for absorption!

Also found that enzyme for which omegas are supposedly competing name it is Δ-6 desaturase (delta-desaturase).

Also I found that maybe there is no competition for the enzyme, so maybe i am worrying for nothing. Δ-6 Desaturase Substrate Competition: Dietary Linoleic Acid (18∶2n-6) Has Only Trivial Effects on α-Linolenic Acid (18∶3n-3) Bioconversion in the Teleost Rainbow Trout
In that case how do I increase Δ-6 desaturase in my body?

So far any advice I was able to found eat better omega 6 to omega 3 ration. Wonder if there is anything more I can do, omegas are very important for my RSI!


EDIT: diet is complicated as usual and I Am not in state to solve this right now :confused:

Best if you read this: Omega-3 Fatty Acids - Health Professional Fact Sheet

Ctrl+f this it doesn’t allow more links…
The IOM did not establish a UL for any omega-3s, although it noted that high doses of DHA and/or EPA (900 mg/day of EPA plus 600 mg/day DHA or more for several weeks) might reduce immune function due to suppression of inflammatory responses.

Even if EFSA’s 5g wasn’t safe, i doubt I will be able to get more than 900 EPA + 600 DHA from diet and if I eat fish in a day, I will simply leave out ALA. So this seems fine.

What is upper intake level of ALA? I couldn’t find!

Now I read that you should consumer 17g of Omega 6 for men a day (RDA). And it is supposed to be taken 4:1 ratio to Omega 3. I prefer 3:1 for inflammation tho! So I need at least 5.66g of Omega 3 to maintain this ratio. I Am not sure if it also matters in which Omega 3, as you can’t get over 1000 DHA, or EPA from seadfood anyways. It is usually around IOM’s UL.

Getting that high Omega 6 shouldn’t be a problem tho. BTW do people have high Omega 6 intakes only because processed foods? I Am making Omega 6 rich food list and it is not in anything much except seafood and nuts. In pork ham there is like 0.4g on like 40g of ham or something and also low in cheese it seems (about same as in ham). I want to make sure I Am not overeating on Omega 6 when I get already like 10g easily from Walnuts! It is extremely hard to track this for me!!! I have severe ADHD - executive dysfunctions and chronic pain I Am procrastinating on simple things years… You don’t know how this is for me I knew everything i was supposed doing and couldn’t execute anything, I tried this already like 100 times and failed all the time… I have so much on my plate, I would apprecite help thanks!

I will also try dietician, but it is not as simple and not sure when I get there and I have bad RSI!

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Abnormal fatty acid nutrition is never the core interest of this group…:joy:
Normal physiology of omega 3 fatty acids favors higher 0mega3 over onega6 as the latter is inflammatory in effects…

So you better consult with a medical nutrition doctor instead of pestering this group with your unreasonable denands. :neutral_face:

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I wasn’t interested in abnormal fatty acid nutrition… Where did you get it?

Healthy Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio is 4:1 to 1:1. Omega 6 is supposed to be higher, but problem is people have Omega 6 to Omega 3 even in ratios like 17:1, because they don’t eat enough seafood.

I have chronic pain and I asked for help and you tell to not perster this group… I would like to see you when you are at your worst and someone does same to you…

Than maybe not asnwer if you don’t have anything relevant to say??? I don’t have time for likes of you…

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Yoi are sick , but you consulted a food scientists .?:joy::joy:

Anyway from academic point.

Western diets have high omega 6 as they dont eat lots of seafood…Omega 6 is inflammatory so if you consume more of it , ailments due to inflammation will multiply…thats what happened to you.

a healthycombinatiom of more omega3 and less omega 6 thats what i am following…not the reverse like what youre doing…

If you eat more omega3 your conditions might improve…

You are utterly misinformed and you want more omega 6 instead of more omega 3…:joy:

LOL you laugh at sick people? You are garbage can…

Yes I Am going to consult dietician, don’t know when/where. And I also need research shit of my own so…

a healthycombinatiom of more omega3 and less omega 6 thats what i am following…not the reverse like what youre doing…

You have problem reading and what is lowering Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio to healthy 4:1 to 1:1.

RDA of Omega 6 for males is 17g and Omega 3 1.6. So obviously you need more Omega 3 and lower Omega 6 consumption…

Also if anyone intelligent wants to answer my questions:

From link I posted previously according to IOM:

“The IOM did not establish a UL for any omega-3s, although it noted that high doses of DHA and/or EPA (900 mg/day of EPA plus 600 mg/day DHA or more for several weeks) might reduce immune function due to suppression of inflammatory responses.”

While according to EFSA it found <=5g safe, however it didn’t establish IU either…

And FDA says <=3g Essential Fatty Acids | Linus Pauling Institute | Oregon State University

If I decide to follow IOM’s findings, that should befine. Same DHA + EPA is only found in seafood and I doubt I would exceed this rate from it! I get DHA + EPA from fish 2-3 times per week and other days I consume ALA from flaxseed. Which has low conversion rates to EPA and DHA (for one I think 0.5 - 5%). So day I eat DHA + EPA I will omit ALA.

ALA also doesn’t have set UL.

What is perplexing me: is that ALA has set AI only 1.6, while Omega 6 has RDA 17g for me. Which is nowhere near 4:1 ratio… And you don’t get that much Omega 3 from fish either. So something is not right here, I Am not sure what I Am missing… I will consult dietician later… But even professional have sometimes conflicting views, or it is not known yet… So I would rather get multiple perspectives on this…

Thank you for help!

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@empleat Certainly you are funny…you cannot deny being silly …:grin:
that instead of going to a doctor you consulted foodiscientists. to cure your ailment …:joy::joy::joy:

The main issue here is you are literal minded and you ignore the fact that many autoimmune disease like what you experienced is caused by high consumption of omega 6.
My doctor told me years ago that omega 3 is more useful than omega 6 as you grow older to avoid cardiovascular and auto immune diseases. So i prefer to eat more scombroid fish like mackerel and sardines than tilapia that had more omega 3 in the
former but more omega 6 in the latter fish.
I never worrys about that exact ratio between the two like what you are concerned, but its obvious i am more healthy than you as i focus on more omega 3 and less on omega 6.:smiley:

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Why are you still here? You said not to pester this forum, but you are spamming literally your own forums… Especially if you don’t have anything relevant to say… You are pathetic IDC…

I didn’t post to ask foodscientists to cure my ailment. That’s your inability to understand actually…

Imagine also laughing someone is severe chronic pain, what scum person one has to be?

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i. am just sharing a point …That your ailment is autoimmune disease attributed to excess consumption of omega 6.

i am just sharing what my doctor told me years ago in his warning about excessive intake of omega 6.
Thats why he emphasized to me never abuse on omega 6 foods but focus more on omega 3 rich foods
I realize thats what you’re suffering…

Thats why a doctor is what you need not a nutritionist…

BTW whats really funny and cant get over with it is your frantic behaviors in asking food science professional to cure you instead of a medical doctor.:joy::joy::joy:

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Actually no, I think you like being asshole to people. Why are you still here again?

And I don’t have chronic pain, because Omega 6, I never told you reason, besides I said I Am not sure, if I even eaten that much Omega 6 and eat fish…

But you can’t even read so…

I Am interested if you ego can take this, I bet you are here again…



You are not sure but you kept coming back asking for sympathy. from people here …
You only crave for attentionn
I will keep pestering you until you become sober and stop acting silly…and go directiy for medical help.if indeed younare truly suffering from actual ailment.

As you kept coming back to create fracas

It appears youbare are not physiologically sick but imagining your suffering from pain…:joy::joy::joy: in short a HYPOCHONDRIAC …or much worse NEUROSIS …If thats the case you need psychological help.

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