How can we explain food safety and food security?

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How can we explain food safety and food security ?

And what are the differences between food safety and food security ?

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I think food safety and food security ,both are very important for consumer as well as producer.
Food safety is used to a scientific discipline describing handle ,prepareation storage food in ways that prevent food born-illness.
Food security is in my simple view that food available at the right place at the right time in the right amount.


Food Safety basically has to do with how safe food is; microbial, physical and Chemical aspects.
When we talk about Food Safety, things like Food borne illnesses, Food Poisoning and Physical Food Contamination come up.

Food Security on the other hand concerns the ACCESS, AVAILABILITY and UTILIZATION of food by an individual, household or a community.

Basically, Food Safety is implemented by National Food Standard bodies using HACCP and Food Standards where as Food Security is overseen by Humanitarian agencies(UN, NGOs) and National Governments.


Food safety and food security are terms defined in relation with a very simple scope of food production. They are important but new terms are need to be developed to deal with present times critical issues. Our system of concern in this case is not only the food industry but the ecosystems and the biosphere. Our concern should be what kind of resources are we using and in what proportion and and ar what costs. Humanity needs to change its objectives to recover a positive interaction with nature and between human communities. Then it will appear a new science biosocial thermodynamics and new parameters as food selfsufficiency, food soveragnity, renewabilty of energy, mass and information resources, dynamics of social systems evolution, philosophy and ethics of the transiton to ecologically sustainable systems.


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Food safety generally covers the package of precautions taken after the production of food from the consumption (from farm to fork) and preserving its chemical, physical, sensory and biological characteristics and providing it to the consumer in a healthy and reliable way.
Food assurance is defined as the ability of all people to have adequate, safe, nutritionally high-quality foods in order to sustain their healthy and active lives, and includes the concepts of “obtaining food”, “accessing food” and “using food”.

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We shouldn’t forget that food security also involves efficient testing procedures in quality of food and reporting them to the consumers (to avoid confusion and insecurity to consumers).