How can i add coffee smell to instant coffee products?

Hi, I’m looking for a way to enhance and increase coffee flavour in an instant coffee product. The problem is that instant coffee powder by itself doesn’t smell like fresh coffee nor does it tastes like it, but we are looking for some way to enhance the smell and improve the taste quality?

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Contact reputable flavor suppliers like IFF, Sensient, Firminich, symrise Givaudan etc , as they had vast library of coffee flavors used to enhance the taste of coffee based beverages…


Is there any powdered product that could be blended with instant coffee powder and improve the smell?
Most flavouring products on the market are liquid and oily which won’t work for instant coffee or any other powdered dry products

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You should request powdered flavors ,simple as that …

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Yes but that would be too easy wouldn’t it?
It’s like asking how can i make a cake and the response is go and buy one off the store,simple as that…

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Are you a masochist that you want to complicate matters as you are mentally challenged…?

If thats what in your mind then why do pose your questions here…

As initially i saw
You need a direct , and simple echnical solution to your problem but now it seems its not the case you want…
Sorry I cant help your psychological problem.

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I realize you have no experience in using high quality powderes flavors so you dont think it will not work…You are totally unaware of the vast developments in food flavor technology.

As you are getting your flsvors previously from ordinary locally made items of low quality

Well if you really want to omplicate matters aa you find my initial suggestions too good to be true .

Well its up to you…

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