Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)

Food is the basic need of People and in the recent years world has progressively moved towards the processed food.The Food processing Industries are now broadly classified and are expanding very rapidly.A large percentage of world population is now depending upon the processed food prepared in food processing industries.So,Bringing the save food towards a very large number of people is a very big challenge for the food industries because during the processing of food any industry has to deal with different processing unit operations and chances of food born illnesses and food hazards are always there.Food safety and effective food safety and management system plays a major role in food industries for the effective working of all unit operations.Hazard Analysis and critical control points is a very important technique with the help of which we can implement an effective food safety and management system within the premises of our food processing industries.HACCP is a very broader field and it can boost up the sales of any food industry and definitely increases the satisfaction of interested parties.

  • What is HACCP
    It is define as the formation of critical control limits for the control of critical control points

  • Critical control limits

    Confined parameters that are made to control the CCP’s and the working of unit operations

  • Critical control points
    The physical parameters of every single unit operation like Time,Temperature and Speed(rpm).
    Steps of HACCP

  1. Make HACCP team
  2. Description of the product
  3. Intended use and scope of the product
  4. Make process flow charts
  5. Verification of the process flow charts
    6.Conduct Hazard Analysis
    7.Identify critical control points
    8.Make critical control limits
    9.Monitor the critical control limits
    10.Established corrective actions
    12.Record keeping
    PDCA cycle and High level structure
    For the implementation of the HACCP within the premises of food processing industries the understanding of PDCA cycle and High level structure is very important.
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