Gluten- free lentil chips

I have a gluten-free lentil chips project. I have to create a production line for these chips. I have created the process scheme. However, I could not clarify the machines I would use.
I would be glad if you could help.

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@Hilal_Kara Could you please share your scheme?

lentil storag->feed tank->wetting->peeling->dehulling in brine->washing->filtration->mixer->forming machine->drying->cooling->weighing->packaging->shipment

are you also going to do the flavoring?
you can add a flavoring chamber and have flexible batches with different flavors on top of the base one instead of complex recipes of flavored lentil mass which are super hard to handle and that never keep the flavor long enough and good enough. You can contact me regarding the flavoring part of your production line


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After Getting the Raw material , Cook the grain with .5 % Lime Solution for 20 mint at 78 Degree C. to gelatinize the Starch and Increasing Digestibility of Protein And Steeped for 112 to 14 Hour . Washes the Grain with Jet Water Pump and Removing Any Impurity during Washing. Removal of Surface Water for Force Compressed Air .
Transfer the Grain into Grinding Mill ( Wet Grinding Mill) to Get the Dough
Remember : Milling is An art . Particle Size of Grinded Dough will lead the Quality of Product.
Check the Moisture of Masa it Should be 48 % to 50 %.
48% Will Be best for Quality and Texture Of Chips.
After the Dough made transfer the Dough into shitter , Shitter is Equipment which Cut the Chips Pices According to Sheet Thickness.
Cutted Chips Transfered to Oven which is 3 Level Oven. ( Top - Middle- Lower)
All three Compartment of Oven Having Different Temperature .
Check The Moisture After Oven it should be Between 31% to 34 %.
Transfer The Chips On Equbrilum Conveouyr to Equbrilate the Mostiure all Over The Chips.
Frying Of Chips & Seassoned & Packing.


what kind the shape you wanna have for your chips?

What is lime solution for? I could not fully understand


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Calcium hydroxide (traditionally called slaked lime).It is used for Grain Cooking and Removal of PeriCrap on Grains

As Grains Having Carbohydrate and Protein Bound Structure. So we Need to do Gelatinize the Starch Structure and Need to Increase digestibility of Protein.

There for Cooking In Lime Solution ( .5 % Lime Solution In Water ). Water : Grain Raito. ( 2:1 )

This Method Is Applied if You Want to Produce Dough Based Chips . In Extruded Product Formulation Is Different.

thank u:))

Good Afternoon madam Please send the any scheme of the product

hi, not exactly related to this post, but may i please know if you have used any lab based (small scale) dough sheeter with some details please. Or what kind of lab based dough sheeter is available for us to make thin sheets of dough such as the dumpling wrappers. Thanks
(I have a dough sheeter that can thin down the sheets only to 1.1 mm or more)


What kind of lentil are you using?