Glucose / Glucose syrup in cocoa; cocoa sugar definition?

we have new raw material, which is called Cocoa sugar according to the supplier. But in the ingredient list, there is no sugar (as saccharose), but there is only glucose and glucose syrup.
I do not think the name „Sugar“ is correct, when there is no saccharose.

European Union legislation [EU 2011] refers to sugars as ‘all monosaccharides and disaccharides present in food, but excludes polyols’.

Our raw material ingredients; Glucose, wheat starch, fat reduced cocoa, vegetable oil, glucose syrup, milk protein

What do you think about this issue? How is sugar defined in legislation?


You should check the definition and explanation of added sugar. By this way you can figure out.

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It should not be labelled as Cocoa Sugar because it is not a pure product.

Ok it contains some sugars as definition of European Union legislation [EU 2011] but it is still not sugar.

there are 2 statements.

1- If you sell it as an ingredient you can label it with a special name with its ingredient list.

2- If you use it in a product you can just add its ingredients to your final product label without talk about Cocoa Sugar.