Free fatty acids in oil

Give me your suggestions, opinions, and what are the health damages resulting from: Frying potato chips in oil until the free fatty acids in the oil reach 0.49
and the TPM is 13

You dont need to ask opinions , but directly search the information yourself as its plentiful in the web. and in selected food science books…
High FFA specially with PUFA oils usually creates liquid oxidation product which are genotoxic,
TPM can increase risks in atherosclerosis, alzheimer diseases. Repeated use of frying used frying oils can create trans fats .
Further fried potato chips are high acrylamide carcinogen. Repeated use if used frying oil generates another possible carcinogen acrolein from fat decomposition.
You want more make your own search yourself.
Further frying potato chips in used well used oils creates objectionable off taste to the end products plus its uncomfortably experience with the offensive smell of decomposition if frying fats in the frying area.


Thank you for your comment :rose::heart:
and for directing the search and finding the information myself.

By Regulation TPM 13 and FFA 0.45 is acceptable for fried oil. but you need to check regulation of your country.

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