Food Safety for Everyone

Hi everyone,
I am Mithat Taş, Food Engineer and Nutritionist.
I have prepared for everyone a Food Safety course on Udemy. And now you can have this course with 50% discount. Its now just 9.99$ instead of 19.90$ with the link below.

The purpose of this course,
How to buy safe food in the supermarket, in the market, on the street, in the restaurant, what to pay attention to when it comes to food hygiene and when eating outside the house, to give basic information about what we should do to ensure food safety at home, at restaurant, at Street, at shopping and to create food safety awareness.
For this purpose, I have included all the information you are curious about food safety in this course. I would like to remind you again how important food safety is for a healthy life and healthy nutrition. If you want to learn everything you need to do about food safety, I recommend you to take this course.

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