Food products and their indices of failure

Hi Everyone!

Can you share a few food items and their index of failure? I’m doing research about shelf-life determination and would like to hear from you.

I’ll give a few examples:

  1. Chips
  • Fat rancidity
  • Loss of desired texture (Crispy or crunchy
  • Loss of flavor
  1. Bread
  • Staling
  • Microbial load (mold growth)

Can you guys please share some more? :slight_smile:

Good topic.


  • Rancidity
  • Aerobic fermentation


  • Fat blooming

  • Sugar blooming

The OP can get more information by studying the science behind it using the keyword " food spoilage , food stability, and preservation of foods ).which are plentiful in the web and in the food science library
Food chemistry and food science textbooks should have relevant information on it as well…