Food biotechnology

Please help me research topic on food biotechnology or food microbiology for my masters

If biotechnology is your major then it shouldn’t be difficult for you to think if an idea for research .Its not recommended that others will provide it for you as you will not have the passion to focus and study it.What drives you to focus on that career should already given you an impetus to get creative what topic to choose as an object for research .Focus on what you love both in food and biotechnology and it would not difficult to find a topic that you will have an enthusiasm and passion to work on it.

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Thank you so much. Am doing my masters degree in food science and technology, the problem is most of our project supervisors want their student to have topic on their area of specialization, so that they will guide them without any stress. And my supervisor area is Food biotechnology n Microbiology.

If it’s your supervisor choice for the topic thats within the scope of his or her specialization, then ask him or her to provide you one.
It’s just strange that you have difficulty, when its part of your coursework in that postgraduate studies…

My supervisor said as a postgraduate student he can’t give us topic, as intended to work on the “potentiality of water lily seed for commercial production of cooking oil” based on the previous work I review, the oil content is too low. That is am looking for the topic. And you can’t imaging the way they teach postgraduate student here in Nigeria, that’s why I find it difficult to get d topic. Thank you

But am still searching

If you choose your selected career, from your heart then you will get what you want as you will earnestly work for it.
But if you are just an ordinary student doing advanced degree for a title ,to improve your employability, with no talent for such work.,you will have difficulties.
Research topics should be a personal choice as you will have passion to work for it, to attain your goal ,no matter how difficult;but in the end, you will be proud of your achievement.
If you just admit , you lack the initiative for hard work combining scientific creativity, and technical competence, then its time to move to other careers that is attainable with your limited abilities.

Thank you so much for giving me courage. I talk to my supervisor and he said I should go and find any area am interested in, and he will try to guide me in achieving what i want to do.

Good for you…!
I wish you luck…!

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I’m having the same problem. My major if food science and I would like to go into research in food biotechnology, I don’t know I just love the intricacies involved in fermentation, genetics, microbiology and what have you involved in biotechnology.

I’m also thinking of the same thing, I want to go into research in food biotechnology.

So you’re Nigerian, I’m Nigerian too. I sent you a dm

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Thanks. Which states in Nigeria?

I’m in Kogi state for now, what of you?

The Vanilla grown in Nigeria offers many topics and something exciting and new, how much is documented of your cultivar

Hi @Maimuna - have courage and go ahead. Research topic selection is always like that. Also supervisor directions are similar to what you mentioned in almost every country or universities. Hence it is your perseverance that is important. After all it’s a hard learning process that requires lots of effort, patience and finally success will be yours. Good luck

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Thank you so much

Jigawa state

Hi, so you’re like using nanotechnology in food science applications or what
Sounds cool