Flavours for ice cream

Hello Team :wave:
I am asking for a simple ice cream recipe without whipping cream, no condensed milk and without the ice cream machine
Just simple for the client to feel our flavours,
He wants different flavours from us to be applied in icecream so we need to make applications to come up with the best profiles and the dosage too
Thanks in advance


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So you want a icecream without a machine? Without agitation during the cooling stage it is very difficult to incorporate air, which is an important component in ice cream. Your ice cream will be very dense …

Normally it is recommended to use a white base: milk, cream, milk powder, emulsifier/stabilizer and sugar, dextrose and dry glucose syrup. This white base is further characterized with a flavor (sugary paste or fatty paste) .

In my experience it is always recommended to have basic knowledge of reverse balancing in order to get the recipes straight. In ice cream there is a “delicate” equilibrium within the components.

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Blenders ,food processors and kitchen mixers can induce high shear mixing that can create uniform dispersion and confer aeration of non dairy components made from sugars and other vegetable fat like coconut oil, vegetable protein from.nut milk and pastes in combination with sugar and other sweeteners and natural flavoring materials like fruit purees,chocolate liqours and cocoa, etc.
Then the mixer or blender or food processor mixed ice cream components are put in freezer to harden.
The semblance of the end product is l similar to commercial ice cream.
I have used this technique previously and you can obtain an acceptable and satisfactory ice cream.
If the OP just want to taste flavors then this is the practical solution…

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Thanks for the details @DianaH10,
I was planning to use the kitchen mixer to mix
The ingredients I want to use is white sugar, cmc, water, flavour and probably milk but not too much
Is it practical??

Sorry what is dry glucose syrup??

Thanks for the inputs @Roy
From your inputs I can make non dairy ice cream from

  1. Vegetables fat like coconut oil**** will coconut oil not impart its natural aroma to the product??
  2. Vegetable protein from nut milk ***** you mean like almond milk?? Is there an alternative???

You can use cashew instead of almond ,soymilk is another thing if you can mask the slight beany taste.you can flavor either chocolate or coffee.or sweet spice like cinnamon, nutmeg cardamom.if its acceptable.Vanilla is the widely used ice cream flavor …
For sweeteners a blend of sugar and glucose syrup / corn syrup gives body …to your desserts

Regarding coconut oil.you had to use hardened refined coconut or hardened palm kernel oil HPKO as replacement for dairy fat.they are tasteless with sharp melting point and responsible for pleasant mouthfeel.

cmc is carboxymethylcellulose?

If you want to make an ice cream you need water/milk, fat (cream or oil) and milk solids non fat (whey powder or milk powder) and sugars

By your ingredients it seems that you want to make a sherbet/sorbet or an water ice cream because you have no milk. Are you going to add fruit? for fruit you have good results by making a sugar syrup (sugar, dextrose, water and stabiliser) and mixing it with fruit on a ratio 50/50 or 60/40

you have glucose syrups in the market and they can be liquid or powder. It is obtained from starch hydrolysis. It is good because it has a higher anti-freezing powder in the mix. I do not know your goal but entering the ice cream business , if you want a durable product I really recommend reading a bit about how the ingredients work. (Ice cream Science, author Goff). Also there are tiny ice cream machines for home usage that can incorporate air while freezing the mix.

Thanks Diana yes cmc is caboxymethyl cellulose
I won’t use any fruit, will only use artificial flavouring

Oh this is very useful :ok_hand:thanks
It is not for commercial dear just an application to have a feeling of our flavours
The commercial part is for artificial flavours

I think you can just try flavors in the cold milk rich in fat content instead using complicated recipes.

Thanks will do that :+1: