Extrusion based snacking

can any one say how to retain natural colouring in extrusion without any added synthetic colours and should be operated at 140 degree centigrade hot extruson ???/any add on natural processing aids are welcome …
example spinach colour by adding spinach puree

Spinach in powder form if added to a food formulation will retain its green color and strong spinach taste. Extrusion cooking is pressurized heat treatment of a medium creating a porous uniform structure with the texture of a sponge like in the ex trusion of expanded cereal snacks, breakfast cereals etc.
If you add spinach powder in it it will certainly produce a green colored extrudate the depth of color depend on the degree of aeration enforced during the extrusion cooking process. Assuming the same level of spinach inclusion. The lighter or more extrudate is aerated the it will be more pale green. If not well aerated it will be deep green. HOPE this answers your question.

Hi, which colour shade to bring in? Like…green/orange/ red ?