Energy dates bites balls formula

I would like to ask the experts about such formula recipe for making a date balls with flavors and with or without filling

Ingredients in consideration are
45 % dates paste (moisture about 20 % of it)
30 % digestive biscuit powder ( whole wheat _ butter _ sugar _ lecithin soy)
8 % skim milk powder
5% cacao powder
8 % sugar syrup ( sucrose 70 % glucose 10% water 19. 5% citric acid 0.5%
2% glycerol
1% vanilin
0.5 % calcium propionate ( might change this)
0.5% lecithin

In other flavor type there is a creamy filing of
Peanut butter
Chocolate cream

Please have a look and comment adjust with mention the reasons and factors of ingredients

Thank you

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Please note

1% vanillin too high. In a biscuit product 30g/100kg or 0.03%. Maybe make a 15 - 20% solution with Propylene Glycol too, for dispersability. Dissolve in glycerine.

Other suggestions are…

Calcium propionoate too high, 0.15% max, but I would use Potassium sorbate as biscuits base is dry already and will work well with dates.Sorbic acid also good preservative if country laws allow.

Practical tip, use a powdered 50 % lecithin on rice flour, will be easier to use and not as messy.

I would look to bind it with a Co binder to what the date Paste is bringing, to your recipe, put binder like gum Acacia in sugar syrup.


That’s a detailed work which I usually undertake through paid consultation.:wink:

Thank you for your ideas and comments

I’m looking forward to hear other experts opinions

Thank you for your reply
Please note that I’m a student trying to develop recipes and formulation for educational purposes if I need help with paying to someone I will certainly find it without the need of forums
Thank you for your understanding :heart:

I hope you understand also as I had some doubts… if you are really a student.I met people previously that exploits professionals to to.ask help solving their so called" school projects for free" in forums which are suspicious" in degree of detail " requiring comprehensive solutions…" only to find out later that its actually for business purposes.:wink:

Of course there is a lot of ways
But most of what so called professionals who give advice for money happen to be giving advice without lab tests or actual work as far as I know every real consultation it needs to tests the results and every ingredient to make the final product but here I’m just trying to develop my knowledge on how things work and what mistakes I made( visually) even if someone give me a percentage formula it might not work in business because it’s not tested

I just need help visually for the ingredient and what might be wrong to combine together
In hopes that I can understand the outcome

Thank you hope we can corporate and make big food company in the future :blush::kissing_heart:

Do you really think all consultant give paid advice without concrete idea if it work?
True consultant work on the priblem.actually by doing experiments in their facilities to verify if the solution work.Thats why it cost them money to give advice
Further a client would not be willing to pay if He or she had not met failure in his trials thats why they need professional help.
In your case you had not yet proven if your recipe work.
but you immediately ask for solutions to problems that you just imagined but you had never yet experienced…
Thats not a learning experience on your part…Thats why I find it a nuisance question.

@CAPTM…To really develop knowledge you need to learn from personal experience first…Not by asking questions .

OK if you find my question a nuisance don’t answer
Thank you

Still waiting for more opinions

Anyway its pretty clear that you are unwilling to test your ideas or anything presented by other posters as you said it might not work.:wink:
. MY doubts seems to be confirmed you are not a student but just a shrewd guy wanting to exhaust information for free for your business…
FYI…I had worked with similar iissue about reformulation of confectionery products to some of my clients,.It was as I related an " involved work" as I had to verify the issues experienced by that client in a food lab.
Your issue does not qualify as you had no real experience to qualify it for testing to solve a problem.

Ok if you insist that I’m doing business and want to get free information what are you doing here? Getting customers by using a free share information fourm

Still wating for experts opinions
Please don’t comment in my topic
Thank you

Look here, I was already consultant for many years but never used this group to promote my wares …
I had my loyal clients already in my country and elsewhere I don’t need assistance ftom this group regarding my work.
,I had been in this forum for quite a time and shared my knowledge gratis to those that really need it For me
ITS a a good exercise in problem solving .to keep my mind technically alert even at my matured age.
But there are individuals that I find abominable, like you using this group to solve a hypothetical problem based on what you read but not from. what you experience which is not productive.
You already got pointers from other posters but you never tried it.Instead You compel people to brainstorm more for a hypothetical formulation that you seems hesitant to try on.
It implies you are playing around. …or have sly motivation ?
As those people that really need immediate solutions will promptly test suggestion if it works ,But you don’t…
If someone seriously asked me that comprehensive formulation question I will give it much thought and even actually test it and even make recommendations based on my experiments.
But that requires effort ,time and most of all have financial cost.,.So I have to remind that I only work on such detailed issue in paid consultation .

Your comments is very helpful will test that
But I’m looking for multiple ways to give it test to send samples to the food labs
Thank you very much

Did you try produce a sample with your formula?

There are dozen of methods and more formulas to make date balls.

What is the main point which you have problems?

Yes I have tried this method the taste and texture and color is all good to go however this is my approach and I’m not sure because I’m just a person who taking food processing courses as I’m trying to learn my questions is that is that is this right or wrong approach? Will one of the ingredients listed with its percent will effect the shelf life or texture or tast and color?
Is there a more professional why to approach and make this types of items?

Thank you

Regarding one of your query- ‘will one of the ingredients and its amounts affect the shelf life of the product’,The answer is definitely YES.
How much and how Long - that require you to study and depends on the moisture content, moisture binding properties etc, along with others like water activity, fat content etc. Date syrup has 20% moisture.
You also said you conducted the trials, in that case you should know the answer than many of us.
Because you might have at least conducted 10 trials by now with various ratios.
It is good to ask or clarify on the existing problem and that might help you with getting some answers from the experts here.
If you are too much in a hurry, just identify the b st recipe and perform a shelf life test with some comparative control.
No one can help you achieve your goal with a product thrown to them with toooo many variables in it. You will be the expert here, so have confidence and move ahead.
Best wishes