Efficient industrial sugar brands to raise brix

Hello guys what brands of sugar you think is effective in raising brix.

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Total solids or Brix,% is not a function of sugar brand but the nature of sugar itself in relation to its concentration in syrups.


Do look at the ‘sugar syrup’ you have purchased, for example what we used here is the Redman Glucose syrup with brix stated of 81%. So accordingly you could buy some of those types available at your place since your aim is only to increase the brix.


Form and function of each sugar.
Crystalline sugars close >98 Brix.

Liquid lower in Brix, as in glucose, but gives an impression of higher Brix, even viscosity, often confused.

Inverted syrups offer a little of both.

Brands of sugars are not an indicator of Brix at all.