Effect on thermal sensitive substance of heating by microwave

Is there any effect on thermal sensitive substance of formular milk, when heating by microwave?
when I heat leftover of my kid milk by microwave to 37C-40C, whether denutritionize the vitamine or any other active substance?
I just dont want to break nutrition in baby milk. so ask expert on line.


Microwave radiation from ovens are mild and will just excite water molecules resulting to internal heat generation. I don’t see its sufficient to generate free radicals if the food product being heated or cooked in such radiative environment.

All the vitamins are sensitive by heating in all kind of food.
That is why we need to eat raw vegeteble and fruts. :slight_smile:

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There are few heat sensitive vitamins like vitamin C but most of it are heat stable…But milk is not a good source of vitamin C and raw milk consumption has its risk that is best avoided by drinking it pasteurized or heat treated… Microwave heating for a short time can deactivate pathogens

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I never told to consumption of raw miilk, for God sake !

There may be a misunderstanding :blush:

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In passing raw milk are consumed raw or fresh from udder in developing countries. Unpasteurized or raw milk often used in the preparation of popular cheese:ranging from Camembert in Normandy,Emmenthal in Switzerland,Gouda in Holland , Manchego from.Spain, Cheddar from UK and Parmesan in Italy .Some Butter made in France are made from raw milk.
But in other countries like US and rest of the world prefer it pasteurized before processing.

I know … no problem

When we are talking about industry food safety we can’t consider the raw milk consumption.

It depends on the particular state laws if its legal to use raw milk in food processing.So I never make a hasty conclusion that what is applicable in your country should also be the norm in other parts of the world. If that was true all those famous traditional and artisanal nation protected dairy foods would have become extinct as pasteurized milk could never give justice to the superior flavors of those products made from raw milk.

That was not I am implying ., .:smile:sorry you misunderstood Me.I had also a strong preference for pasteurized dairy products…of what ever kind…
Raw veggies and fruits are more nutritious than cooked or heat treated , but there is a caveat, younshoukd be aware of the risk if your fruits and veggies source supplier are not known and how it was farmed , harvested etc.Microbial and pesticide contamination is also rampant from farm produce.