Effect of kiwi on meat texture

I want to study the effect of kiwi on the texture of meat. I propose the following method for a one day experiment:

-marinate steak chunks in crushed kiwi for 24 hours, 1 hour and 15 minutes.

-measure firmness with a texture analyzer or by applying weight (e.g. 500 g) on the steak chunks and measuring the length with a ruler.

-cook marinated samples in a pan (same temperature and time)

-measure firmness with the weight method or with texture analyzer

Would that be logical? Would you recommend doing this?

I will only investigate the texture of the raw meat by applying a weight load on the meat pieces on a flat surface. I can then measure the thickness with a ruler. (the simpler the method the better). I will take many measurements so as to decrease uncertainties. Any advice on the cut of meat? Is it better to measure the mass before and after soaking as well?

I would use something like cross rib or flank. You need to have a control so measure before and after.
Also, what is your goal?
Just because a piece of meat is “tenderized” doesn’t mean it is good.
I would consider using organoleptic analysis along with any mechanical measurements.

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I agree with Michael, you should add sensory evaluation to your study.
You could try with two different kind of beef cuts, like tenderloin (naturally tender) and brisket or shank.