Control the crystalisation



problem is that i can make a sandal syrup but here crystallisation occour again and again so how we can control the crystallisation.

Thank you.

Put more details about your recipe and 0rocedure so we can see how it came to that point…
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What are the components of that syrup, ? How did you prepare it, how did you store it?..


I can use these ingredients
Sugar: 4.7 kg
Liquid Glucose: 147 gm
Citric Acid: 7 gm
Sodium Benzoate: 6 gm
Flavors and colors
Brix 71-72
Just simple cooking

The amount of glucose is just 3% of the total sugars which is not enough to control recrytallizaion.

So is your finished brix solids is 72% .Meaning you did not cook it long to enable the citric acid to invert or break down part of the sugar ( fructose and glucose)which helps a lot to prevent recrystaliizatiom from occurring.
So your cooking temperature is just below 100C?.

If you want to stick with your recipe cook it to 80 to 82 Brix and see if it improve the situation.

OTHER sandalwood syrup are cooked to thread stage or 105 to 110C…At that temperature the total solids Brix will be around 82 to 85% It creates sufficient sugar inversion that prevents sugar recrystalluzaion.
They are only using lemon juice or little citric acid and no glucose.

But at the start they put enough water to enable thorough cooking of syrup .


What is the function of so much sodium Benzoate. Does the citric acid prior to the addition of Benzoate not prevent the Benzoate from dissolution. Maybe at higher temperature it doesn’t matter?

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