Coconut milk

Hi, please can you help me to find a solution for my problem with the coconut milk.When I drained it the milk in nut milk bag its great,but after 10minutes its making 2 phases because of the fat from the milk.My question is how to make stay in one phase and stay longer than a mounth ( is it ok with potassium sorbate or lactic acid?). Thank you

it will be not easy in kitchen environment. Commercial coconut milk may or may not contain preservatives depending upon the manufacturer. Additives used to prevent separation are gums like guar, gellan ,and carrageenan and emulsifier like lecithin used not higher than 1%. The resulting mixture containing additives are pasteuruzed homogenized then packed in sterile environment.

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you should promote homogenization more efficiently, also go for sterile packaging

Hi, any update on your results. Would be interesting to know , hope after following @Roy advice and @Muhammad_Usman suggestion…
Let us know pls