Coating cashew nuts


I am having a problem of spice coating from cashews coming off after packaging.

We are using coconut oil to coat the spices after dry roasting.

After packing the spices are dropping to the bottom of the package leaving the cashews flavourless

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Do you advise to use Arabic gum?

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oil is not a good choice.

try a gum as gum arabic. you need a sticky agent because.


Any idea how much gum Arabic should be used

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Hello you can use 0.75-1.5 kg per 100 kg.


Try some biopolymer like pectin coating it will provide a moisture barrier and won’t fall off from the product


Is this dissolved in water

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Yes but u need to heat the solution for about 29-25 mins at 40-45C on a magnetic stirrer.

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0,75 to 1,5 kg of Arabic gum? Mixed with how much water, what is the concentration of the solution. Thanks

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you can use this ratio:

1 gum arabic
1 water

make the mixture then age it for one day before use.

  1. Increase the amount of coconut oil used for coating: You can try increasing the amount of coconut oil used to coat the cashews. This will help the spices adhere better to the surface of the cashews. You may also want to try a different type of oil that has better adhesion properties, such as grapeseed oil.

  2. Use a binding agent: Arabic gum or acacia gum can be used as a binding agent to improve the adhesion of the spice coating to the cashews. These are natural and edible gums that are commonly used in food production as stabilizers and thickeners. They can also help to keep the spices from settling to the bottom of the package. You can try adding a small amount of gum to the coconut oil and spice mixture before coating the cashews.

  3. Mix the spices and oil thoroughly: Ensure that the spices are evenly mixed with the oil before coating the cashews. This will help to ensure that the spices are distributed evenly and adhere well to the surface of the cashews.

  4. Allow the cashews to cool before coating: Ensure that the cashews have cooled down completely before coating with the spice mixture. This will help the spices to adhere better to the surface of the cashews.

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Thank you for the advice.

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Isn’t enough Arabic gum as an adhesive agent. Why we should use coconut oil ?