Chocolate with Vitamin C

I tasted dark chocolate with vitamin C. How can I remove the chemical taste, the orange version is also nice :smile:

Hi Cemile,

Is it a bitter taste?

Is taste a after taste?

What is amount of vit. C in final product?

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Thats a vague t description…
Describe exactly your actial senory experience of chemical that chocolate.
Compared to what substance you has experienced tasting before.?

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Ascorbic acid is tart tasting. Is that what you’re experiencing? If it’s a chemical taste, you need another source, as what you are using is not pure enough. Have worked with vitamin C in beverages and even to stabilize wine, with zero chemical off flavours.


maybe it was the artificial aroma inside the vitamin c concentrate which was put to mask the medicinal taste that you were tasting?

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Hi friend,

Sounds like an issue a bitter blocker can help with. Take a look at TastesNatural for all-natural, clean-label products and read through the applications page to review successful work with chemical taste in products.

Also, the R+D team usually tries to help customers on finding custom solutions, which tends to make the process go quicker.

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