Chocolate spread using mayonnaise technology

Can anybody advise? What stabilizer can work for this

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What do you mean with mayonnaise technology?

What is your problem with emulsifying?

Explain properly in detail what are you doing… Mayonnaise contains water. Chocolate dont have so stop using the term Mayonnaise technology.
Explain your process properly…

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It is crazy though…i am trying to have chocolate spread in form of mayonnaise spread. I have a plant for mayonnaise already but looking for product extension. Thinking if i can tweak my bom and formulate a choco spread using my existing mayonnaise technology. Maybe, the choco spread might have another name… but i am thinking :thinking:

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The whole idea is thst i am not ready to invest on refiner in chocolate spread.

Then what equipment do you have now?

You might be onto something. No harm in trying something. I have seen two types of chocolates sauces in liquid forms. One is an oil based choco spread no water at all and the other is chocolate water based syrups thickened with starch and gums. Using the mayonnaise system could be a middle ground but will need to acidify and control water activity for preservation. Alternative will be to acidify and add preservatives.

Let us know how it goes…


Mayonnaise equipment

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Thanks, Nicolas… thinking, thinking

If you are targeting non water based chocolates filling then invest in a new equipment…like a ball mill or roll refiner .The former is simplier to tun and likely cheaper.

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Thanks, Roy, for the insights

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