Chapati with immunity booster supplement

Chapati, Roti is North Indian’s most eaten food.
We are in the business of making packed Chapati with shelf life 3 days.
Can we add any ingredient to chapati to increase immunity?

Pls, advise for product development Chapati with immunity booster supplement.

Would you clarify about that word "immunity “…?
Immunity from what… ?
If this immunity booster are “functional ingredients” that you add to your dough ,that when consumed as staple (bread) will improve your health making you less susceptible to catching disease, or getting sick…,? It will never happen as it’s a MYTH .
Unfortunately there are unscrupulous people that exploits the general public gullibility by marketing " snake oil” medicine for a profit. I hope you are not one of these miscreants.
Practically …
You need more than fancy ingredients to have "good immunity "in yourself.
Cultivating effective immunity is a comprehensive program .Its a combination of healthy lifestyle, healthy food well positive mental attitude. among them.
This is beyond the realm of Food R&D and no drug or food additives could provide that; you have to LIVE that life where you are aware of those positive attributes that led you to better health.
Even if you regularly take loads of vitamins, minerals and other functional ingredients, if you abuse your life and body ,you will never get that vaunted immunity…
That’s the reality…


Check out this page. You can find the immunity booster nutrients. you can select any one ingredients either in powder or liquid form then you can mix it with your dough. Better options to go with powder form.

@tripathift are you asking if any ingredient to improve shelf life ?

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Which page ?

You can add oats flour which triggers immune system

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Oat flour does have soluble and insoluble fiber (which are non functional for immunity purposes). The oat fiber are supposed to control cholesterol build up but…You need sufficientamounts for to attain therapeutic effect intended. But .keep in mind if you add to the dough it will weaken the gluten so you will end up with fragile chapati knowing the weak gluten quality of Indian wheat flour unless you will boost it up wit vital wheat gluten.The combined expense may not look economically feasible for a low cost product like chapati…

Would be good to know ‘Which product you are trying to match with?’

oats flour may not have anything to do with immune system.
Just fiber and related positivity…thats all