Carob : difference between Turkish and Peruvian varieties

Does anyone know what’s the difference in carob from Turkey and carob from Peru? The carob powder used for making carob “chocolate” is equally good from Turkey and Peru or are there any substantial parameters that differ? Thank you!

Hi, are you sure they are both carob? As far as I know the one coming from Mediterranean are Locust Bean Gum and the one from Peru are Tara gum.

@CMYKingredients is right. Carob is available in Turkey.

Carob is available here in Tunisia and whole north africa countries and even in middle east. From carob we produce chocolate tablets, syrup, powder…of course all is natural. Actually we are exporting towards Europe.
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Hi Adel, if your company has a due organic certificate for your products, pls kindly send more information to purchase@cmykspices.com