Buillion cube production process

Hello fellow food scientist,
I need the production process for seasoning cube production and the flowchart.

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AFAIKā€¦its just powdered ingredients( including powdered palm fat) blended in ribbon or similar mixers to form homogeneous mixtute and then pressed in a cubing machines .
Simple as thatā€¦
I remember you can find the detailed procedures in patent files.


I am using vegetable solid fat, is there any method to get a homogeneous mixture

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Roy stated. Ribbon mixer, but depends what your starting material particle sizes are, obviously. You may need to reduce particle sizes. With small particle size and a bit of fat to hold everything together, your cubing machine should make your cubes for you no problem.



As i said, the detailed procedures is in the patent files .If you care about being SPOON FED with information and lacks initiative to find and verify the given ckue it then you dont need our help here. We dont encourage LAZINESS .
Ask your momma for assistanceā€¦:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: