% broken rice chips

Hi all, I work for a corn chips company and we are developing rice chips. I’ve noticed %broken for rice chips is three times more than for corn chips, for this process we are using rice flour, stabilised bran, bumped rice. I’d like to know if there is an addictive to reduce %broken, we were thinking to use agar-agar but not sure if this can work. Thanks.

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You should try adding modified starch to your formulation.

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In a cone for ice cream Fibre from wheat was added to prevent breakages, in pasta wheat Fibre is also added for this function, perhaps this will help in corn chips.

They are already using bran.Its high in fiber. Fiber in extrusion process provides gas nuclei which can improve the porosity but too much fiber
weaken the snack structure .
They should put some gummy protein like sodium caseinate as binder. Distilled monoglycerides also help in starch bonding.

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I think that additives will not be necessary I think the cause is the moisture content is too low and the product is brittle - I suggest reduce process temperature & time.