Baking - Improvement in crumb whiteness

Dear Team,
Can you suggest how to improve crumb whiteness for egg based whiteforest cakes.I have observed an improvement in crumb whiteness while using excess of leavening acids and egg whites only in the recipe instead of using whole eggs.Still I need to make my product further white,because using egg whites only is not practically feasible.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

To make white cakes whiter
1.use a bleached cake flour in cake making
2.mix the cake properly to aerate the cake batter.
3.You slightly acidify the batter by adding little bit if cream of tartar. On top of your baking powder.
4.use a cake emulsifiers to aerate the batter uniformly resulting in uniforms crumb structure.
5.use egg whites only.no egg yolk in the cake recipe.

Keep in mind white cakes are made with egg whites only, as yolks even in small amounts
can create a dirty white to creamy shade in the cake crumb
Now as there is less in the absence of yolks you had to add lecithin to the recipe to compensate it.
Yes , excess leavening acid can bring down the batter pH resulting in whiter cake but too much of excess will create a sour to astringent off taste,

Thanks for your suggestions.
Will try out the options.

I tried using emulsifiers and bringing down the specific gravity of batter,which resulted in light,fluffy white batter but their is a significant rise in cake volume & a sponge texture with open crumb cells.When the cake texture is open it looks less white,a dense and closed texture gives a better whiteness.

If thats the case , would you mind showing us the recipe and procedure to see if there is a way more improvement can be done?

Whiteforest premix - 1 kg
Egg - 600g
Water - 170g
Veg Oil - 100g

Method of preparation
Premix+water+egg mix for 5 minutes using whisk,then add oil & mix for another 1 min.
Baking temp - 170C

Please ,show us the ingredients declaration/ ingredients list of the white forest premix as listed in the package as the composition will provide us with technical details of its designed performance.
Where its made…?

As the cake is made from a premix, its hard to tell what needs to be modified.
Using whole eggs will result in creamy yellow cake, Maybe it was not designed to produce a really white cake like the angel food cake and American white layer and pound cakes,?
If you can show us more information as what I requested in my recent answer to your post will help clarify matters…

What is the batter specific gravity with and without added emulsifiers…?

You can use BPO which is a bleaching agent. Also phospholipase gives very good emulsification, improved whiteness and reduction in egg qty in recipe. You can try DSM’s Cakezyme Smart or Cakezyme Majestic.


Please ,don’t promote materials to users, unless you exactly knew the problem on hand…Until the OP clarify his position about the true nature of his cake mixes : is the time we can properly post solution instead of complicating it further. FYI
I am familiar with those materials you mentioned but its not a panacea to cake making issues.

I’m developing the premix too,so I can even modify the formulation to attain whiteness.

Ingredients List
Sugar,Flour,Maize starch,sunflower oil,Raising Agents (Sodium bicarbonate,SAPP,MCP), Emulsifiers (475,471,433),Salt,Stabilisers (415,412).

Specific gravity of batter without cake gel addition - 0.83
Specific gravity of batter with cake gel addition - 0.55

Ohh, who is promoting any ingredients? Who is making it more complicated? You please read your all comments and then you tell me who is making it more complicated. The ingredients I have recommended would work on specific flour components irrespective of ratios of ingredients in cake mix/recipes.
Secondly, cake is NOT made only by premixes, it is also made by scratch recipes which is entirely different from bakery to bakery or person to person. Do you think premix manufacturers would list all actual ingredients on the label?
Finally you are NO-ONE to restrict the comments from anyone.

Your suggestions are well noted.

I have tried using phopholipase at 10 ppm and 15 ppm but couldnt find any improvement.
Let me check with further higher dosage.

If you know any particular doasage that gives good result pls share.

Its just basic cake premix that you got there with emulsifiers and gums to stabilize it.
I am familiar with black forest but not with white forest so …
I have asked a cake baker friend and he told me white forest cake are not white but just made ftom basic cake recipe .its more near to the American butter vanilla cake… Therefore expect it the crumb to be yellowish. From this information, plus the make up recipe of the cake which typical for shortened cakes The provided batter gravity is satisfactory,
The one with cake gel due to lower gravity will certainly have opened crumb.
You can improve if y,ou appreciate the cake with added emulsifiers but reduce the cake gel by half so you will have a gravity in between what you got from two levels ( as is and with cake gel).
I don’t see the point of using egg whites if the cake premix is not designed to produce white cakes.

I think you might have tried Glycolipase, plz tell me which lipase have you tried. Also all enzymes are okay at lower dosage if processing time is long. But in cake application the processing time is less as compared to yeast leavened products. Therefore you need to add enzymes at way higher dosage. start a combination of Phospholipase, lecithin and maltogenic amylase.


A true professional bskery troubleshooter won’t recommend materials if he is not totally familiar with the root cause of the problem…
But an ingredient salesman.will just promote anything just to get sales
I think you belong to the latter…

I do not you about your profession, but i know about mine OKAY. I am not a baker or a sales person but a qualified Food Technologist from one of the prestigious institute in the filed with little knowledge. I don’t speak in air.
Someone may be agree or disagree with my comments. Its not possible to keep everyone happy. Better we stop here if you are not okay with my comments.


Certainly you can make white cakes , but the general rule in white cakes, starts with good quality bleached cake flour…BTW as suggested by one poster Bpo or benzoyl peroxide is added at the mill never by the baker so its an impractical solution…
You need to use egg whites no whole eggs, just like in the angel food cakes

For fat containing cakes, using a good white vegetable shortening with emulsifiers following the high ratio white cake formulation, you can get a
White cake crumb with very fine grain.
There are recipes for white cake mixes r you can glean from the web…

BPO is an ingredient and can be added by RFM or by an organization who is producing premixes. There is no any barrier that only mills can use BPO or flour correctors. I know many premix manufacturers who add BPO and or do chlorination for their own consumption. The only obstacle would be for the premix manufacturers is that they will have to hold the flour for at least 24-48 hrs after mixing BPO.
See everything can be done by everyone, its all about business volume and commercial viability.