Arabic gum

can you help me use the arabic gum correctly to give a shiney coating in term of dose cold air duration

For which process? Give us more details please.

how i use gum arabic to get this shiny coated almonds

gum arabic is not suitable for these products ( picture you shared ).

you should use carnauba wax for shining
and you should use shellac for glazing.


One approach can simply be to buy polishing agent from COLORCON or CAPOL or such companies.

Over years these kind of companies have researched a lot and come out with perfect products.

Atleast at the initial stages an operator must not get into such side activities of making polishing agent mixtures but perhaps concentrate on the practice main product itself as its more of an art than science and needs practice and patience.


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tanks sir , and what the dose to use these two products (carnauba wax , shellac)

You can use 50% normal water solution for coating.

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60 g - 70 g carnauba powder for 100 kg final product.

500 g shellac solution for 100 kg final product.

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