AOAC Official Methods of Analysis

Is there any body having AOAC Official Methods of Analysis 21st Edition?

That’s a professional book that you can never download freely or illegitimately ,nor this group tolerate getting such book illegally…

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Dear Roy,
Don’t be so emotional, I have not mentioned to get this book illegally, further to your knowledge previous versions of this book are available and downloadable easily. I am very astonished to see your attitude.

Look the AOAC forbids unauthorized downloads of their books…So I know its illegal…If you want it, go elsewhere as if you insist getting it here you will likely be banned…

How can we get it…

You should buy it.

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You need to buy those methods from Nabisco Belgium. They update them frequently. Prices are different by method

Dear Mouna,
Many thanks for youe valuable comments

You are right but you need to improve your language. I just posted it to get help, if any body has this book but i could not understand why are you crying.

Thanks for guidance

Crying …Lol…:smile: only in your delusional mind!..I am just emphasizing my point as your original intent was to get it gratis lllegaly using people in this group …Having books from the AACC and AOAC bought legally it irks me to see people trying to get it by illegal means abusing both the writer and publishers of their intellectual properties…