Anyone using E471 in biscuits


We are traditional biscuits manufacturer which have high fat, milk content looking to extend shelf life and taste. We make biscuit varities of oats, tuttyfruity(canned papaya) and cumin.
We are facing some discoloration and shelf life issues post 1and half month. So we came across this e471 for the biscuits. Suggested by a chef. Want to know what kind of preservatives or emulsifiers we can use. Which are natural and can increase shelf life by keeping taste intact.

Thank you

Looks like you are producing soft cookies like homemade type which have low shelf life.

This type of product gradually degrade in flavor and taste .specially if they are exposed to light and ambient atmosphere. Like stored in glass jar or glass shelves…
IF that’s the way you do it, it won’t help if you add preservatives if the appearance,taste and texture degrades in a short time…I
Generally preservatives used for bakery products are propionates, and sorbates but are seldom used in cookies.
E471 or mono and diglycerides don’t preserve but makes the cookies soft longer .
If you reformulated your cookies by replacing part of the sugar with invert syrup 5%and adding some glycerin,5% it will reduce the water activity which increases somewhat its shelf life.
As these materials are liquid you shouldcontrol your your liquid or added water.
But this suggestion.should be proven first if its suitable for your product.
Good opaque packaging under modified atmosphere is practiced by biscuit companies that makes such kind of product to help it stay longer in the shelf…
Good luck…

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You could also use a liquid or powdered Lecithin for fat emulsification and most importantly for reduction in the fat source. Mono and Diglycerides in combo with lecithin work well.