Altering or manipulating fat content analyse result of cow milk

Hey dear,

Is it possible to alter or manipulate fat content analyse result of cow milk adding a chemical in the milk ?

Not by adding vegetable fat or oil .

Analyses are applied with ultrasonic analyser and by Gerber method

Please clarify…do you mean ,you want to modify or increase the fat content of milk …?

No. Just this was asked to me. A cheese producer supplies milk from 4 different suppliers and 3 of these suppliers’ milk fat content is approximately 3,6% but one’s is about 4% and they think maybe there is manipulating of results. And, i ask that is this possible or not. Thank you.


Can’t this be also due to the breed of the cow?
Cattle breeds like Dutch Friesian, Jersey produce milk with high fat content.
-Are there methods to check for any buffalo milk incorporated to this cows milk (so as to have a slightly higher fat content).

  • Is there possibility of external TAG addition to it.
    Any experts here might have some good answers…