About the recipe of biscoffe cookie butter spread

hello every one,
do you have any experience on the recipe of cookie butter spread?
i want to work on it recipe, but i dont have any experience in this field, if you have any recommendation i will be so appreciated.
i am wating for your recommendation. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can’t find that exact recipe as it’s proprietary. You can only improvise.
J. By mixing about40%of crunchy spice cookie or spice biscuit ( Speculaas), about 10% to 20%brown sugar,around 4% to 8 %milk powder, around 20 to 30%coconut fat/ palm oil , around 1% cinnamon powder, about 0.30 lecithin, at least 0.2%salt.Then pass through a roll refiner or a ball mill to form a smooth paste…BTW you have to make your own spice cookie( Speculaas). The internet had recipes for such. JUST SEARCH…
IF you find the information complicated please forget about your project…


Thanks alot.